Cartoonist Rick Friday fired under pressure from advertising company

Rick Friday

Rick Friday' s cartoon - Twitter - Web, according to the author, reason for his dismissal


Farmer 1:
I wish there was more profit in agriculture.
Farmer 2:
There are, in 2015 the CEOs of Mosanto, DuPont Pioneer and John Deere together made more money than 2129 Iowa farmers.

Farm News, a weekly newspaper aimed at Iowa farmers, caved to pressure from an advertiser and fired cartoonist Rick Friday after 21 years as a cartoonist for the publication.

According to the cartoonist's account on his Facebook account, a cartoon published on 29 April 2016 ironising about the unequal distribution of profits in agriculture caused a large company affiliated with one of the companies mentioned in it to consider itself insulted and withdraw its advertising. Rick was reprimanded by his editor and cancelled his Friday cartoon.

Monsanto, in a statement on its blog, denied any connection with the cartoonist's dismissal.

This was the email he received from his publisher terminating his relationship with him.


Source KKCI News

Rick, who insists that he was merely presenting the facts, ends his note (screenshot) by questioning freedom of speech and press freedom in the USA, pointing out its fragility.

Again, I fall hard in the best interest of large corporations. I am no longer the Editorial Cartoonist for Farm News due to the attached cartoon which was published yesterday. Apparently a large company affiliated with one of the corporations mentioned in the cartoon was insulted and cancelled their advertisement with the paper, thus, resulting in the reprimand of my editor and cancellation of It's Friday cartoons after 21 years of service and over 1090 published cartoons to over 24,000 households per week in 33 counties of Iowa.

I did my research and only submitted the facts in my cartoon.

That's okay, hopefully my children and my grandchildren will see that this last cartoon published by Farm News out of Fort Dodge, Iowa, will shine light on how fragile our rights to free speech and free press really are in the country.


Cartoon by Rick Friday, 02 May 2016

naricesKKCI News interview

Farms News apologises and re-hires Rick Friday

Updated 2 July 2016.

This story has had an unusual outcome. The author announces on its Facebook account that, 60 days after being fired, the weekly has apologised and rehired him.

"After 60 days, Farms News has offered me a deal to return, and has also apologised. I have accepted both and am back to submitting my cartoons."

He also adds that he has received offers to publish elsewhere and that a publisher has been interested in publishing a book of his cartoons.

The author told CRNI that Farm News sent an apology on behalf of the company acknowledging that his dismissal was a mistake. (Which in context I understand as a "bad decision")

This is the cartoon* with which the cartoonist announced his return to the weekly.

*From the date of the signature I suppose he "recycled" the same cartoon he did 30 days after his dismissal.


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