The secrets of PP

"A media has caught us"."We will denounce you for revealing secrets to voices". The secrets of PP. Cartoon of 05/12/2021 in CTXT The secretary general of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, and the president of the Region of Murcia (Spain), Fernando López Miras, denounced to

The obtuse and the masks

The obtuse and the masks. Cartoon of 20/06/2021 in CTXT It goes without saying that the turra that began with the announcement of the pardons for the prisoners of the 'procés' is going to climb to the top of our skulls to climb them and

Commission of Inquiry

Commission of Inquiry. Cartoon of 13/06/2021 in CTXT PSOE, Podemos and Más Madrid registered a petition on Friday with the intention of resuming the commission of enquiry into the deaths caused by Covid-19 in the residences, which was halted by the dissolution of the assembly

Family tree

Family tree Translation: "I will not talk about corruption in my party" Cartoon of 05/06/2021 in CTXT On 16 February 2021, at the National Executive meeting of the National Executive Committee of the party, Pablo Casado announced that the PP would change its location, said

Symbols versus education

Symbols versus education Cartoon of 29/05/2021 in CTXT The City Council of Murcia has approved, with the votes in favour of PP and Cs and the opposition of PSOE and Podemos-Equo, the motion of Vox to plant the national flag in public schools and to