Inhumanity of Madrid

Inhumanity of Madrid
Inhumanity of Madrid. Cartoon of 09/10/2022 in CTXT

Enrique Matías Ossorio Crespo is, among other things, vice-president and spokesman of the Government of the Community of Madrid. A miserable guy from the pepera ayusística school who pockets a minimum of 108,000 euros a year from the treasury and who asks cynically where the poor are, he doesn't see them.

Ossorio is what is known in my neighbourhood as a shit.

His latest intellectual turd was to say that the families who had lost a family member thanks to the botched, disastrous and cruel management of the residences during the worst of the pandemic "had already overcome it", alluding to the possibility that it could have been avoided in order to reject once again a commission of enquiry. Something that PLAGDIMARE, the Platform for the Dignity of the Elderly in Nursing Homes, which has not ceased to denounce discrimination in the referral of the elderly to hospitals, is demanding

And nothing has happened, nobody has gathered at the gates of his trench in the Madrid government to wait for him to come out and shout and shout at him. Or at least shout a couple of little things at him.

Ossorio claims to be the spokesman for thousands of families and says that they no longer want or need anything, that all that is over. Gone are the bellowings of the PP when they accused Pablo Iglesias of being responsible for the management of residences.

This is the contribution of this manager, or rather excretor, to one of the most shameful miseries most shameful left by the pandemic. 19,415 of our elderly left to fend for themselves in homes without resources and/or in inhumane conditions, 19,415 people remorselessly erased from the car parks for the elderly.

A document finally proved that the Ayuso government had set "exclusion criteriathe government has finally proved that the Ayuso government set "no transfer of sick people from nursing homes to hospitals".

Any bad adjective you want to give Ossorio is too small for him, and his reaction was to say that his words had been "cut" and he wanted to fix it by spreading more shit, which is the only thing he knows how to do well.

The average pepero politician is a specialist in two business deals:

Anti-politics. They are fond of criminalising any political action that is not their own in order to qualify it in a pejorative way by suggesting that something is bad because it is "politicised" and "electoralist"

Burying the dead. That is, to bury in oblivion the memory and any trace of those who have died in circumstances that they believe may affect their patriotism so as "not to reopen old wounds".

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