Special Prize

Special prize. Cartoon of 03/07/2022 in CTXT This is yet another stale practice of certain media outlets that has been around for a long time. They organise awards with bombastic names, choose a politician/governor and give him or her an award consisting of a hideous

Ossorio and the poor

Ossorio and the poor. Cartoon of 19/03/2022 in CTXT The poor are a nuisance, they sully the idyllic and triumphalist landscape that politicians try to recreate. And what is worse, they demonstrate the failure of the management of wretches like Enrique Matías Ossorio Crespo, spokesman

The PP returns to the centre

TR: "The PP returns to the centre... of the far right". Cartoon of 13/03/2022 in CTXT I guess you already know. The PP won the elections in Castilla y León. He fell far short of the absolute majority, so Alfonso Fernández Mañueco will repeat thanks

Unnatural politics

Unnatural politics. Cartoon of 12/02/2022 in CTXT The phrase that politics is "the art of the possible" is so ambiguous that it is a good basis for this move. The PSOE of Andalusia abstained in the vote on the law on irrigation in Doñana presented

The lighthouse of Spain

The lighthouse of Spain. Cartoon of 09/01/2022 in CTXT. This phrase from Alfonso Mañueco, president of Castilla y León and PP candidate in the upcoming regional elections on 13 February ended up on the front page of Sunday's El Mundo. I can think of no