No man's land

No man's land

No man's land. Cartoon of 04/12/2022 in CTXT

Translation of the cartoon:

"The minister kept asking for the VAR to prove that the corpse had fallen out of its field".

This is how the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, once again defined that part of the world which he wants us to understand as a limbo of human rights, a zone of exclusion of all responsibility. There where death is born and grows wild.

This pirouette with a double twist of cynicism was born in 2001 after discussions with Morocco about where the fence should be born and alludes to a piece of "shared" land. It is supposed to be Spanish but supposedly Moroccan sovereignty. There is the border post of Barrio Chino, between Nador and Melilla. At this point there is a wider and a narrower area. According to the Interior Ministry, the larger one depends on Morocco and the smaller one is this"no man's land", but which the Interior Ministry calls"joint intervention area", I suppose to blame the neighbour for the outrages while splitting the outrages 50-50.

Be that as it may, don't pay too much attention to me because not even for this supposed division of limbo boundaries do they agree at all. For strictly legal questions about the ownership of this land, you can go to the experts in the field, but none of them will be able to find any loophole to justify killing or leaving to die there and wash their hands of it.

The moral issues in this pod are much better explained in CTXT's editorial of 2 December entitled El Estado como tierra de nadie (The state as no man's land). Here is a portion of it:

In the whole planet, there is no such thing as "no man's land", understood as a zone in which it is possible to commit crimes, such as murder, without any responsibility whatsoever. In the territory of the Spanish State, there is no "no man's land" where the police can exceed their powers without legal consequences. There is no "no man's land" for barbarism. Yes, it did exist. For decades, more than understandable, there were police stations, barracks, which were "no man's land", not subject to the law, inside which "attacks on Spanish borders" also took place and were harshly repressed. The Interior Minister, and with him his president, seem to claim the localised birth, once again, of "no man's lands", black spots where what happens is not seen and not recorded. And therefore, it is subject neither to the law nor to ethics.

This cruel subterfuge to disguise impunity was already dealt with in another cartoon in March 2019 on account of what was called"the Tarajal tragedy"

No man's land

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