Well covered

Well covered
Well covered up. Cartoon of 25/12/2022 in CTXT

Translation of the cartoon: The Public Prosecutor's Office closes the investigation into the Melilla "tragedy". "All covered up and well covered up".

The Public Prosecutor's Office has closed the investigation into the Melilla"tragedy" of 24 June.

The Public Prosecutor's Office assures that it finds no evidence of a crime in the actions of the Spanish police and assures that they were not even aware of the avalanche in which at least 23 people died

In addition, it takes for granted that the hot returns of migrants, a matter for which Spain has been condemned by the European Court of Human Rights on several occasions, only to later retract the condemnation.

Política de frontera

Border politics. Cartoon of 26/06/2022 in CTXT

At least one of those who died was on Spanish territory, although Fernando Grande-Marlaska called that portion"no man's land" to shake off the fleas in an attempt to convince public opinion that there is a human rights limbo. A zone of exclusion of all responsibility. Where death is born and grows wild and impunity flourishes.

Tierra de nadie

No man's land. Cartoon of 04/12/2022 in CTXT

Translation of the cartoon: "The minister kept asking for the VAR to prove that the corpse had fallen out of its field".

According to El País, the report of the Public Prosecutor's Office even states that some agents threw "dozens" of stones at the migrants and refugees during the police operation, leaving this anomalous action and other evidence shown by the BBC's Africa Eye programme to be clarified, but we all know what this is going to lead to.

British public television's investigative journalism showed that Spanish police saw, and did not prevent, dozens of migrants dying on the border with Morocco.

History repeats itself

Another shameful chapter closes, like that of the so-called Tarajal "tragedy" of 6 February 2014, when 15 people were killed on the beach of El Tarajal. They were killed while trying to swim to Ceuta. The agents used rubber bullets, smoke canisters and the corresponding beatings to prevent them from setting foot on land.

Ocho años de la “tragedia” del Tarajal

Eight years after the Tarajal "tragedy". Cartoon of 06/02/2020 in CTXT

Translation of the cartoon: "On that day, Spain left its flag flying high"

56 civil guards threw 145 rubber bullets and 5 smoke canisters at a group of about 90 people. From the people who were swimming towards the shore, 14 died by drowning and one simply "disappeared" in the sea.

Translation of the cartoon: "They shot at the waterline of human rights so that they could not take part in the case".

The judge saw indications to try 16 civil guards under investigation for reckless homicide for what the media once again called the "tragedy" of Tarajal (as if it were a meteorological agent), decided to close the case on the grounds of the botín doctrine. Paradoxical name for a legal doctrine baptised with the name of "exculpated" a banker exculpated.

The judge, who appealed in her order to the basic principle that it is necessary to "defend borders without leaving people unprotected", ended up defending a fence more than the lives of 15 people. And in a symbolic way, he rewarded the civil guards who killed them by closing the case.

Incidentally, as there was no private prosecution, the NGOs were prevented from being prosecuted. Two injustices in one, 15 deaths without "owner" or responsible parties, and future legal actions were blocked. Once again, everything was covered up and well covered up.

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