From the river to the sea


From the river to the sea. Cartoon of 26/05/2024 in CTXT

Translation of the cartoon: "I think there are already enough beginnings to ensure that genocide stretches from the river to the sea". "Let's not be too hasty.

"From the river to the sea" (Arabic: من النهر إلى البحر ) is an expression referring to the area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea that includes Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

The phrase has been used for decades as a call for the liberation of Palestine under Israeli occupation, but it is twisted in Israel as a denial of the existence of the state of Israel and/or a call for its destruction.

Yolanda Díaz used this expression to refer to the Palestinian state, which provoked angry responses and threats from various friends of genocide, including Rodica Radian-Gordon, Israel's ambassador to Spain(goodbye and good riddance), who accused her of using "Hamas slogans" and that it was a"clear call for the elimination of Israel", and shortly afterwards Díaz had to clarify that she does not advocate the disappearance of Israel and assured that she was "invoking UN resolution 181 of '47".

While this absurd battle over etymology raged, as always tainted by the propaganda machine of the murderous state of Israel, its army continued to execute children and massacre the Palestinian civilian population, razing their homes, medical and cultural infrastructure and bombing refugee camps while that gang of psychopaths in the IDF continued to proudly display the "trophies" of their crimes.

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